WE ARE AMERICA | Joseph James [Official Lyric Video]

Joseph James just released his new song, WE ARE AMERICAN. It is a song for America, that we can join in and declare our desire to bring peace, justice, freedom and liberty to all Americans. Let’s join together to make sure that every voice is heard and that freedom and equality come to all. We are A New Generation! We will not be manipulated! We will do our duty and uphold the Constitution and it’s guarantees to freedom and justice for all.

WE ARE AMERICAN | Joseph James | Lyrics

We are American! We are American!
A new generation, we fight for what is right!
We’re here for each other, in the stormy night.
We cheer and laugh together in the victories we share.
But make no mistake. we’ll stand up for what is fair.
Freedom, Justice, and Liberty!
Freedom, Justice, and Liberty [end] for all!

Though wars on every side rage against us all.
Yearning to divide in order that we fall.
We’ll lock our arms together and pray that we will see,
The way we need to walk, in order to be free.

Sometimes we get distracted, we don’t always see,
Our brother when in trouble, hear his desperate plea.
Forces from without, demanding that we believe,
Their lies and deception, so they can bring him down.

If we’re searching for the truth, we will surely know,
Our enemy’s not our friend, rather darkness is our foe.
Destroying all our rights, yet the Constitution speaks,
Chipping at it now, wanting to make us weak.

We are American! We are Free!