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Our mission is to create stage productions, films, music videos including other media, with our first being, “FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!” These live/film productions consist of actors, models, songwriters, singers, dancers, and comedians. The purpose of these productions is to encourage people to follow their dreams and to help others revive dreams they’ve let die. This production is designed to tackle depression and suicide, first in our nation and then to the world. We are helping others find theirs by giving back to our communities, cities, schools, and nation.

GCU – “Follow Your Dreams” Official Trailer 2

GCU – “Follow Your Dreams” Official Trailer 1

GCU YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJb8SsVrg6B8H9clAWCMGyA

OUR STAGE: Hosted in dinner theaters, hotel ballrooms, churches, auditoriums, open air with our portable stage, etc., the purpose is to change the game of Showbiz. Performance tickets will be sold, dinner provided, (where suitable), and the show will go on. We also do open air productions and concerts as well as non-profit organization and corporate events.

OUR MESSAGE: The performances portray to the audience that no matter what situation they are in, it’s never too late to pursue their God-given dreams. Counseling and prayer will be available after the performances along with a way to network with each other.

  • A production company bringing hope and encouragement to our generation
  • With our Follow Your Dreams production, we are touring the world to conquer suicide & depression with highly entertaining shows, concerts, and comedy.
  • Connecting with local organizations to reach out to local communities
  • The performances portray to the audience that no matter what situation they are in, it’s never to late to pursue their dreams.

For more information on GameChangers Productions and the “Follow Your Dreams – Tour 2017!” download the card and/or download the vision information packet.

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WANT TO HELP: If you are interested in helping us in this endeavor, please fill out our contact form on this website. Contact Form Thank you!